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Now dogs have become a part of many families, but raising a dog is not a small cost. It even costs you thousands of dollars every year, but it is only for basic vaccines, food and supplies. But is this just the tip of the iceberg? If you want to buy a satisfactory dog, you have to spend a lot of money at the beginning. The following is the top 10 most expensive dogs in the world collected by the world's most website. The prices of these 10 breeds of dogs are not affordable to ordinary people. Please remember, the prices may vary depending on where you live. More importantly, the blood unity of dogs greatly affects their value.

No. 10: Saluki (about $2500)

The qassaki Hound (also known as the royal dog of Egypt), because the Pharaoh often kept this kind of dog. They are one of the earliest domesticated dogs, which can be traced back to Egypt more than 2000 BC. Today they still exist in their pure form. In history, the Chinese emperor also raised this kind of dog. Emperor Xuande raised it between 1398 and 1435. It was introduced into Europe around the 12th century. The saki retriever runs very fast and is often regarded as a hunting partner.

SABIC is a dog breed originated from East Africa. Its average life span is 12 to 14 years. Its origin is in the Middle East. It is capillary and long, with an elegant feeling. Tall, slim, a bit like a Greyhound with long hair. Men can reach 28 inches, shoulder and weight up to 60 pounds. Because they are detached and independent. In addition, they need a lot of practice.

9th place: Luoqin dog lowchen ($3000 or more)

Luoqin dog lowchen (meaning "little lion", in German). In fact, they are similar to Malta and other popular toy dog breeds, although they are slightly larger – male dogs are up to 14 inches tall (male, 30-35 cm) and weigh 18 pounds. Purebred lowchen is hard to find. They are companion dogs, not work oriented dogs. They can become happy people around them, and even children can accompany them safely.

8th place: Peruvian Inca Orchid dog (up to $3000)

The Peruvian Inca is probably one of the strangest avant-garde dogs in the world. The whole body is completely hairless, except that there are some random hairs on the top of the feet and head. The Peruvian Inca Orchid usually has a skin color called "like gray." The color is also like copper or chocolate brown, and some of the legs are mottled or covered with spots. Peruvian Inca Orchid dogs range in size from a tiny 9 pounds to a large 55 pounds. Exposed skin actually requires a lot of special care. Why? Because there is no hair to protect it, the skin is more prone to clogged pores, dryness and sunburn.

No. 7: azawakh (over $3000)

Asawa is one of the few African breeds available in the United States and Canada. Asharwa dogs were originally bred by some nomadic tribes as guard dogs and hunting dogs. Because this breed can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour (faster than greyhounds), it is mainly used to hunt very fast animals such as rabbits and gazelles. Asharwa dogs are also very brave dogs. They will drive away predators of any size to protect their owners and territory. The asharwa is exceptionally lean and tall, reaching 29 inches.

6th place: Akita (about $4500)

Of all the breeds on this list, Akita is probably the most famous - mainly thanks to Hollywood movies like Hachiko: the story of a dog. Average life span of Akita dog: 11 to 15 years. The original Akita breed in northern Japan was actually divided into two strains: Japanese Akita (or Akita dog) and American Akita (also known as simple Akita dog). Japanese purebred Akita dogs may be more expensive, especially when sold outside Japan. Akita dog is a kind of Japanese dog. It is the only large dog among the six kinds of Japanese dogs in the National Natural Memorial. It is a family pet dog famous for its loyalty to its owners in Japan. Akita of Japan has slightly less strain than the United States, but they have similar temperament characteristics. Temperament: vigilant, docile, friendly, responsive, brave, dignified weight: female: 32 – 45kg, male: 45 – 59kg height: female: 61 – 66cm, male: 66 – 71cm

5th place: Pharaoh Hound (up to $6500)

Pharaoh hounds have a history of at least 5000 years in the Middle East. 2000 years ago, after the Romans invaded Egypt, they appeared in a large number in the Mediterranean. Pharaoh hounds have a high degree of intelligence because of their athletic character. They are loved by the royal family. The Pharaoh's Hound is of noble blood, with clear outline and beautiful lines. Although Pharaoh hounds can grow to 55 pounds (generally only 20-25 kilograms, and their height can reach 53-64 cm.), But it will look smaller and slimmer. Women are even 21 inches tall, while men can be as tall as 25 inches. This kind of dog is stubborn and independent, so training them is a challenge, but once you successfully train them, they will be very obedient dogs.

4th place: Rottweiler (up to 6000$)

The Rottweiler is a large breed of dog native to Germany. It is used as a herding dog. In the early days, Rowena was used as a dog. In fact, until the 19th century, they were mainly used to pull carts in the market - especially butchers' carts carrying meat weights. Therefore, they are nicknamed "Rottweiler". In World War I and World War II, it was put into service as a guard dog for the time of war. At present, they are often used as guard dogs and police dogs.

The average life span of the Rottweiler dog is 8 to 10 years. The weight of the Rottweiler dog is 35 – 48 kg for females and 50 – 60 kg for males, which can reach 132 pounds. The height of the Rottweiler dog is 56 – 63 cm for females and 61 – 69 cm for males. They are powerful, full of endurance and highly intelligent. They are fearless dogs and will protect their owners. They also pay great attention to protecting their territory.

Although Rowe is considered very violent and aggressive (mainly thanks to Hollywood and anecdotal evidence), the breed can be trained to be a great family pet. However, they are very strong, so they need to be properly managed to avoid harm – even if it is accidental.

No. 3: Tibetan mastiff (up to $7000)

Tibetan mastiff is another ancient breed, and it is also the heaviest among dog breeds. The Tibetan mastiff native to Nepal and China can reach 160 pounds and be 33 inches tall. In ancient times, it was used to protect homes and sheep, to drive away leopards and wolves. Because the Tibetan mastiff may be stubborn and strong willed, it needs good training. In 2013, a rare red Tibetan mastiff sold as much as $1900000 in China. The Tibetan mastiff will not be introduced more. It has been introduced a lot before, such as: the top ten famous dogs with the longest life span, the top ten most expensive animals in the world, and the top ten most ferocious dogs in the world

2nd place: Samoyed (the most expensive is up to $10000)

Samoye dogs were originally bred by the Samoye people, the indigenous people of Siberia. Average life span: 12 to 14 years, origin: Russia. When Samoye dogs grow up, they can not only help to graze, but also pull sleds in cold winter - just like Siberian Husky and other similar breeds.

Although not large (up to 66 pounds for men), weight: female: 17 – 25 kg, male: 20 – 32.5 kg. Height: female: 50 – 56 cm, male: 54 – 60 cm. Temperament: lively, naughty, vigilant, friendly, stubborn, gregarious. In addition to its mild personality, Samoye dogs are also known for their endurance and robustness. They were originally used to pull sleds and guard reindeer. They were also used by Western explorers for polar exploration missions. Interesting fact: Samoye dog hair is hypoallergenic. In some parts of the world, hair loss is collected and used as an alternative to wool knitted gloves and scarves.

1st place: Czech wolfhound Czechoslovakian vlcak (unknown $$)

Since 1955, the Czech wolfhound has also been known as the Czechoslovak wolfhound. This breed is bred from a mixture of Carpathian wolves and purebred German shepherds. This makes the Czech wolfhound look like a dog and look very much like a wolf. It has a lively, brave and active personality. Like wolves, this species is very social - whether in human families or other forms, it needs the company of other animals or humans.

If you know more expensive dogs, remember to leave us a message. Of course, when it comes to the most expensive dog in the world, I have to mention those rich dogs who have inherited tens of thousands of property.


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